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Brother Ptouch electrician labelling machine PT-E560BT



Help ensure your work meets rigorous industry standards by printing durable, long-life labels on-site and on-demand, to complete the job in a professional manner.

Find out how PT-E560BT can help you comply with wiring regulations, download our short guide below.


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Wiring regulations guide (433kb)

The top six reasons for labelling:


Leave your work clearly and neatly labelled. Use a Brother P-touch label printer to create labels for: cables and cabling, wires, fuse boxes, faceplates, distribution boards and consumer units. 

Also ideal for: warning and hazard signs, bus duct risers and electrical trunking and conduits.

You can also create labels that contain your contact details (including company logo on PT-E560BTVP and PT-E560BTSP), to help guarantee work in the future.


Simplify the installation of cables by attaching a Brother durable label to each end of the wire. This helps ensure connections are made correctly and minimises the time taken for troubleshooting and fault finding if there are problems.

By using Brother genuine tapes in your P-touch label printer, you can be assured that labels you create will be legible and stay attached for years to come.


On most of our PT-E models in conjunction with the Pro Label Tool app for Apple and Android devices allows the creation of labels that meet many of the identification requirements of the electrical regulations.

And our strong adhesive tapes meet the Underwriters Laboratories UL-969 standards, while our heat-shrink tube tape meets UL-224 standards.


Any follow-up visits for maintenance or testing are made easier thanks to clearly labelled faceplates, panels, cables and wires, conduits and machinery.


Ensuring hazards are identified and appropriate signage applied is a critical. The P-touch PT-E550BTVP and PT-E560BTSP with its large 24mm tape width produces text that's easy-to-read, and by using yellow or red coloured tape makes signs that are highly visible.

Public Safety Information

Print highly visible general warning signs on demand, wherever and whenever required. Brother fluorescent yellow and orange labels can be used to warn of potential danger, printed and applied immediately to the area of concern.

Brother P-touch range of label printers

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Handheld label printers range video

Our label printer video lets you discover some of the features and benefits of the various models.

For more detailed information on how to create labels on the PT-E550WVP, we have a series of how-to-use videos that show each feature step-by-step.

How To Use Videos

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Labels that meet your high standards

Pro Tape for electricians

The Brother Pro Tape range has been developed and tested to meet the needs of electricians and other craftsmen who require dependable, durable, long term identification solutions.

Make sure your work comply with the identification requirements of the electrical labelling regulations by printing durable labels on site with your P-touch label printer and TZe tape.

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Tested icons

Brother developed its durable laminated label technology way back in 1988 - and over that time countless customers have trusted them for all their labelling needs. As your text is protected by a clear plastic overcoat, you can be sure that your labels will stand the test of time, wherever they are placed.

Learn more below, and download the tape technical information leaflet which shows further details on our labels and the tests performed.

Download TZe booklet

Unlike ordinary labels, our laminated tape technology ensures that a layer of super-clear polyethylene laminate protects your text. The result is a virtually indestructible label that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

In fact, we are sure about the durability of our labels because we’ve tested them to the extreme, and our results prove that Brother P-touch laminated labels out-perform competitor non-laminated labels, staying legible and attached, so you can be confident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last.

The abrasion test procedure

Brother’s tape lamination technology ensures that Brother P-touch laminated labels can even withstand heavy abrasion.

A 1kg sanding device was passed over Brother P-touch laminated labels, and non-laminated competitor labels. After 50 return passes, the characters underneath the Brother P-touch laminated label were completely unaffected and the lamination was only slightly scratched. The competitor's non-laminated label print quality was affected.

The temperature test procedure

Whether you want to use our labels in freezing conditions or extremely warm environments, they have been designed to last. In fact, results show that Brother P-touch laminated labels can withstand temperatures from -80°C to +150°C.

Our laminated labels were attached to stainless steel plates at room temperature, then heated and cooled for a specified time. After 72 hours at -80°C no noticeable change in tape adhesive or colour had occurred. After 2 hours at +150°C, despite slight discolouration of the tape, the text on the label remained completely intact.
The fade test procedure

Wherever you use P-touch laminated labels, they have been designed to stay as clear and legible as the day they were applied.

Several Brother P-touch laminated labels in various colours were attached to stainless steel plates, and exposed to simulated outdoor UV radiation of approximately 12 months, and changes in the base colour of the tape could be observed (test compliant with JIS K7350-2/ISO 4892-2). The printed text on all tapes remained unchanged and was perfectly legible. The red, yellow and fluorescent tapes, however, showed some fading to the tape background colour. Other Brother label colours showed little or no change.
The chemical test procedure

Chemical tests were performed on Brother laminated labels and competitor non-laminated labels.

Tests were conducted in two stages:
Stage 1 - The chemical submersion test
Stage 2 - The chemical abrasion test

The tapes were firstly attached to glass slides and immersed in a variety of chemicals for 2 hours. No change in the print quality occurred, and the labels remained affixed to the slides.
Although some labels soaked in certain chemicals showed slight separation of the laminate film, rubbing the labels with the same chemicals had no effect at all. So even if chemicals are spilled on your Brother P-touch laminated labels, a quick wipe should be enough to prevent any damage.

Next, Brother P-touch laminated tape was affixed to several glass plates. A 500g weight with a chemical infused cloth was passed over each label 20 times. The print quality of Brother P-touch laminated labels was unaffected, unlike our competitor's non-laminated labels.
The water test procedure

Brother laminated labels are extremely resistant to contact and submersion in water for extended periods of time.

Tests were conducted in two stages:
Stage 1 - The water submersion test
Stage 2 - The water abrasion test

The tapes were firstly attached to glass slides and immersed in water for 2 hours. No change in the print quality occurred, and the labels remained affixed to the slides.

For the second test, Brother P-touch laminated tape was affixed to several glass plates. A 500g weight with a water infused cloth was passed over each label 20 times. The print quality of Brother P-touch laminated labels was unaffected.