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Three boxes, folders, a filing drawer and two plants placed on shelves

Make organising your home less complicated

We offer a choice of easy-to-use paper adhesive and laminated labelling devices to help make organising your daily home life so much simpler.

  • Comprehensive selection of colours and widths - customise labels to suit almost any brand style, or for colour coding files and folders
  • Simplify a variety of administrative processes - easily identify the contents of files, storage boxes and shelving
  • Durable & long-lasting - our laminated labels are built to last, so you can be assured that they'll still be doing their job for as long as you need them
  • Portable devices - small and easy to carry with easy connectivity
  • PC/Smartphone connectable label printers - with label editing software and pre-designed templates for all home-based applications 
  • Warranty - provided with all labelling products for added peace of mind

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Organising your home, room by room

A tidy home is a happy home

Daily routine

Making life easier on a daily basis

Yellow t-shirt with a name label placed inside the collar

Back to school

Our best-selling portable label maker with built-in cutter is the perfect tool to help you get organised and prepared for the school year. With its variety of fonts, symbols, and easy-to-use design, you can create personalised labels for all your kids’ school supplies to make items easy to identify and harder to lose. You can create labels for:

  • Uniforms and PE kits
  • Notebooks, folders, pencils and calculators
  • Lunchboxes and water bottles

The Brother PT-H110 allows you to create easy-to-read schedules or charts too. Print labels in different colours to categorize items or differentiate between classes, assignments and tasks.

With all these useful features, it makes prepping for school as easy as 1,2,3.

The Brother portable label maker in detail

Outdoor activities and sports equipment

Prepared for the great outdoors

Two labels with waterproof written on them, submerged in water on a black background

Ready for all the elements

Brother P-touch label printers and their durable labels are ideal for preparing you for the challenges of the great outdoors. Whether you're organising camping or sporting equipment, marking a hiking trail, or labeling survival essentials, P-touch labels can stand up to the elements.

For camping, school trips and sporting equipment: P-touch labels are perfect for identifying any kind of sporting equipment, as well as camping essentials such as tents and sleeping bags so setup and packing up are quick and easy.

For hiking: Use P-touch labels to organise first aid kits, food supplies and to label water bottles to avoid confusion. Labels come in high-visibility colors that are perfect for emergency and survival situations.

The portable P-touch label makers allow you to print labels on the go, so you're prepared for any adventure. So if you're facing extreme temperatures, moisture, or rough handling, rely on the durable, long-lasting labels from Brother P-touch.

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Inspirational ideas for organising your home

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