Using the P-touch E550WVP

This series of detailed videos show how to use the PT-E550WVP to create labels from the label printer, or through the app.

1. How to download the Cable Label Tool app

How to download the Brother Cable Label Tool app from the Apple app store or Google Play.

Apple app store Google Play

2. Using the Cable Label Tool app

How to create a label from the app and print to the Brother P-touch E550WVP handheld label printer.

3. Creating labels for consumer units

Introduction to printing basic labels for consumer units.

4. Creating distribution board labels

Creating a 3-phase distribution board label on the Brother P-touch E550WVP.

5. Creating contact details label with a logo included

This video shows you how to print your details on a label, and if needed add a company logo too.

6. Creating labels for cables

A video tutorial on creating labels for cables. Covers both flag and wrap-around labels.

7. Creating socket or faceplate labels

Produce labels for faceplate identification, such as for sockets, light switches, network and telephone sockets.

8. Creating compliant warning labels using the app

The Cable Label Tool app has templates built-in that comply with the identification section of the wiring regulations. This video takes you step-by-step through creating these labels on your smartphone, to print to the PT-E550WVP.

9. Creating compliant testing/inspection labels using the app

Once again, showing the app in use to print testing/inspection labels.

10. Creating labels from a database or spreadsheet

This video demonstrates how to set-up and download data from your PC to the memory of the PT-E550WVP, to print labels on-site by simply searching for the text required on your labels.

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