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  • 19 dets 2017

    Brother's color printers are very reliable

    One of the world's leading test laboratories, Buyers Lab, gives its highest recommendation to a number of popular color laser printers and all-in-one machines from Brother. They are targeted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

  • 19 dets 2017

    Taking baby steps towards the Internet of Things revolution

    The Internet of Things is a grand concept that is being introduced to commerce and enterprises more gradually. One day it is likely that every electronic device we use will have the capability to communicate and interact with lots of other relevant devices.

  • 13 dets 2017

    Artificial Intelligence: for better or worse?

    AI is already being used in thousands of companies around the world today. While still not perfect, many companies are already actively working with voice activation integration to differentiate their products & services, providing easier customer interaction.