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Colour coded files

Colour label printer for office environments

Colour-code files for quick retrieval, create colour signage to improve visibility and add colour photos to your name badges for clear identification. You can also print your company logo in full colour for brand recognition.

Luo helposti värillinen varoitustarra

Easy to print colour labels for facilities management

Convenience of on-demand label printing to create colour signage with industry complaint symbols, signage with improved visibility, and colour-coding inventory for quick identification. Not suited for outdoor use or in direct sun light.

Visitor badge

Visitor management in full colour without ink

Print visitor badges with full-colour photos for enhanced security. Also, colour label printing enables you to highlight health and safety information, colour-code different categories of visitor for easy identification, and use your full-colour company logo for brand building and to create visual identification at your events.


Highly visible food labels

Print colour signage and labels with food safety information highlighted, colour-coded food rotation labels and full-colour product images for identification. Also, give standout to offers and promotions e.g. Free Wi-Fi, Happy Hour, Today’s Specials. You can also print your full colour logo for brand building and gift wrapping.

Käytä neliväritarroja elintarvikepakkauksiin

Print photo labels for your craft projects in full colour

Create full colour photos and labels up to 50mm wide for card-making, collages, albums and scrapbooking. Print colour logos for branding and use seasonal colours for craft and DIY projects including Easter, Halloween, Christmas and weddings.


Learn more about the new Brother VC-500W full colour label printer. 

  • Ink free
  • Print labels up to 50mm wide
  • Full cut and half cut function

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