General Data Protection Regulation (better known as GDPR) brings with it new rights for individuals and a new set of strict obligations for businesses, like Brother, that hold and process your personal data.

For Brother, acquiring and retaining the trust of our customers and business partners has always been a top priority. We welcome the positive changes that GDPR introduces.

These new European-wide laws grant individuals more control over how their personal data is stored and used.

Personal data has been collected by Brother by way of product registrations, online account details and other methods.

We use this data to help to continue to give you great customer service such as tailoring the information we send you to make it relevant and useful for your specific needs.

We always use this data fairly, appropriately and in line with our privacy policy.

Under the new guidelines, consent to collect and use this personal data must be specific, informed, unambiguous and freely given. Where customers have not given us their consent, we can not use their data for marketing purposes.

If we breach the rules, there are serious legal consequences for Brother. 
"Personal data" is defined as any information relating to a person who can be identified, whether directly or indirectly, by way of reference to an identifier.

Examples of identifiers include names, addresses, identification numbers, online identifiers (including IP addresses) and also any one or more factors that define the person such as cultural, social, genetic, physical and economic information.  

Individuals have rights over their personal information, such as the right to deletion, restriction of processing and the right to request a copy of any data.
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Rest assured, we take your privacy and the use of any data extremely seriously. For more detailed information, you can view our full privacy policy.


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