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Our Secure Print allows you to send specific jobs to the printer but delays their release until you enter a secure PIN. Simply set the PIN in the driver as you print the job, then unlock it from the queue using the control panel when you are comfortable no one will see your documents.
Alternatively, our PrintSmart Secure Pro software will only print your print job when you use your PIN or NFC ID card to release it from the printer.
If you're the secure print function in the printer driver, ordinarily if a print job is sent to queue on your printer, it could sit in the machine until it is switched off, which poses a risk for confidential documents. With Timed Erasing you can instruct the printer to delete your secure print data after a set period of time, from hours to potentially days.
There are several options, one way to you can decide who can print, fax, scan and copy, and who can’t, with Secure Function Lock. Users will only have access if their unique PIN or NFC access card allows them. With some Brother devices, you can also use Active Directory or LDAP to manage authentication too. Alternatively, you can use the Brother PrintSmart Secure Pro software to control how people print and scan.
No. Uploading your documents to an FTP not only leaves them open to interception, your internal network could also be compromised when you open the gateway. If you are concerned, you can encript documents at the point of upload with Send to SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).
Once a job is printed, it’s not always possible to know who sent it. With Brother’s ID Print a stamp of the key details – such as username, date, time or even a customised message – appears at the top or bottom of the page. For more businesses with more sophisticated montiroing requirements the Brother PrintSmart Secure Pro sofware can monitor who printed what, when they printed it and how much it cost to print it.