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Benefits for food labelling

Putting a portable print solution in place allows your workforce to amend and label products on location.

Barcodes and print software allow labels to be made with ease, saving time for workers.

Whether items are labelled at the deli, on the shop floor or in the warehouse, Brother printers can be carried on body or on a trolley.

Complicated ingredient and allergen information is easier to read thanks to crisp, high quality print.

Brother and third-party suppliers have a range of label options to choose from.

All our devices come with a range of accessories to help optimise your workflow.

Deli counter with cheese labelled with Brother labels

 A fresh approach to food labelling

Food traceability is the tracking of food through all stages of production so corrective action can be taken when a problem arises. The primary concern is safeguarding the consumer and minimising public health risks.

If food is labelled inaccurately it can lead to the closure of a business or a life-threatening risk to the consumer.

Brother has a wealth of experience with food labelling. We understand the importance of the visibility of food through it’s journey to the customer, ensuring that safety and satisfaction is paramount.

"It is a very serious situation without a labelling machine because we are required by the regulations. We must be able to display for each item best to buy date and we should make delivery vouchers for each customer."

Executive Assistant, Food Wholesaler, France.

Typical applications include ...

Sandwich labelled with barcode and price, printed on a Brother label printer

Price labels

Up to 4 inch labels can be printed and applied at any stage of production. Typically displaying sell by date, weight and allergen information. 

Yellow mark-down label that has been printed on a Brother label printer, being applied to bread

Price reduction

Up to 4 inch labels are applied on the shop floor with an updated price and barcode to reduce food wastage.

Deli price label being applied to a bag containing slices of cheese

Fresh food / deli counter

Up to 4 inch labels are applied at the food counter with individual weight, contents, allergen information and sell by date.

Brother RJ portable label printer with price label being printed

Up to 4 inch mobile labelling solutions

The RJ series is perfect for retailers looking to mobilise their workforce and apply labels at different locations around the store.

You can wear all the devices on body and their rugged design makes them perfect for both the shop floor and warehouse environments. Boasting fast print speeds and a up to 4 inch output, your workers can amend and print labels on the move. 


  True portability for on body use around the shop floor.

  Print both receipts and labels.

  Rugged design.

View RJ range


Price label containing barcode after printing on a Brother TD 2000 series label printer

Up to 2 inch desktop labelling solutions


Increase productivity by enabling food labelling staff to print a wide range of labels on the shop floor, in the warehouse or at the counter by utilising the TD-2000 with a trolley/mobile workstation.

With its compact design, it’s ideal to use on crowded retail desktops and counters without sacrificing valuable workspace. Sharp text, logos and barcodes are printed on high quality Brother media which means customers can read all important information with ease.


  Compact design.

  Stand alone operation - no PC required.

  Complete portability with the rechargeable Li-ion battery and wireless options. 


View TD range



In-store food label on croissants showing price reduction

Putting safety at the top of the food chain

FFood safety and protection of the consumer is paramount to all retailers. The implications of poorly labelled food products are severe and cause not only health risks to the consumer but can also lead to business closure. Regulations are in place to ensure that the consumer knows what they are eating and any issues that arise can be traced back to the source. More information can be found in the Brother food traceability whitepaper.

Food Traceability Whitepaper (PDF, 1.7MB)