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Benefits for laboratory technicians

Increase the productivity of lab technicians by providing an efficient labelling solution.

Ensure the safety of patients, reducing the risk of samples being incorrectly identified.

Minimise errors made through poorly written labels, by using a dedicated labelling solution.

All our printer ranges are portable and compact, and are able to fit on crowded desktops and carts.

Our printers use a wide range of label sizes and types to meet your requirements.

Add optional accessories to help streamline laboratory operations.

Lab technician labelling samples

Patient safety in the lab


It is critical for laboratory technicians to keep an efficient and accurate account of the samples they receive from caregivers. Patients rely on their analysis for any further treatment received. The ability to scan and produce labels within the lab ensures they maintain an error-free workflow to provide a reliable diagnosis. 

"The whole laboratory wouldn’t function anymore without a labelling solution because all analysis are running off the barcodes. If we didn’t have the labels anymore the laboratory would stand still. It would mean we would have to do everything by hand, which is not manageable anymore."

Hospital, Head of Laboratory, Germany.

Brother portable desktop solutions account for all labelling requirements with up to 4 inch outputs. 

Typical applications include:


      Blood sample labels

Up to 2 inch


       Specimen label

Up to 4 inch


        Blood bag labels

Up to 4 inch

Doctor labelling sample

Misidentification in the lab


Patient misidentification errors can carry severe clinical consequences due to the potential for misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Studies have shown this to be a worldwide issue, so laboratory technicians take extra precautions to avoid mistakes being made by staff within the hospital.

"Test tubes with labels will be handed over to us, but sometimes, we in the laboratory have to print out new labels because the previous ones were damaged, ripped, came off, were wrongly marked/attached or they were assigned to the wrong tests. We in the laboratory carry out more of a correction of mistakes role. Apart from that, we also sometimes get emergency admissions that haven't been entered into the system yet, and in those cases we also need to print the laboratory file labels ourselves."

Germany, Hospital, Head of Laboratory.

TD-2000 series features

Up to 2 inch portable print technology from our TD-2000 series 

TD battery

Optional long life Li-ion battery

Go completely portable to offer care where it’s needed most. By addiing this option, expensive and cumbersome powered carts are not necessary. 

TD spindle-less design

Spindleless design for easy loading of rolls and wristbands

Simply drop in larger diameter rolls meaning less downtime for caregivers. 

TD on desktop

Double the efficiency

Print both wristbands and labels from the same device. Fast, reliable and accurate face-up printing with no need for two devices.

TD printing labels

Compact footprint

Fits easily on carts or crowded desktops, freeing up space for other essential equipment.

TD4 pharmacy drug bottle

Professional label printing

Our TD-4000 series gives pharmacists up to 4 inch high specification, high speed label printing technology that includes the following features:


  Accepts up to 4” / 102 mm wide labels

  Fast 110 mm/second print speed

  Powerful ‘P-touch Editor’ barcode label design software 

  Built in network option enables it to be placed anywhere

  Print from various operating systems/software 


Brother P-touch laminated TZe labels on various chemicals in a laboratory

Durable labels for extreme conditions

Brother P-touch PT-P900 series label printers produce incredibly durable, laminated labels designed for long term labelling under harsh conditions. Suitable for freezing down to -80C and heat up to +150C, they can endure harsh chemicals, abrasion and can be trusted to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Durable label range

TD-2020 product shot

TD series

2 inch and 4 inch industrial printing solutions for producing patient wristbands and customised labels, offering seamless integration with your existing systems.

View the TD device range

Brother QL-1100 series label printer for healthcare

QL series

2 inch and 4 inch label printers that use Brother pre-sized and continuous label media, ideal for lower volume print requirements from the desk.

View the QL device range