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Simplify organisation with Brother’s new connectable desktop label printers

Brother is set to transform at home, office and workplace organization with their new range of P-touch desktop printers, designed with busy workers and multiple environments in mind. The labelling range will support users with organization, personalisation and identification.

The PT-D Series is made up of three models – PT-D410, PT-D460BTVP, PT-D610BTVP – for basic to advanced use. The range has been specifically designed with a model suited to every user.

Henning Elkjær, Sales Director, Denmark & Norway at Brother Nordic A/S said: “When we speak to customers, we hear that organization is a challenge for them. This has only been amplified as more and more people are working flexibly.

“Our new range has been created with this in mind. We wanted to create one solution whether it’s for cable management at home, storage boxes in a warehouse, or organizing files in the office.

“By solving a major challenge, we’re letting our customers focus on the tasks they should be focusing on, ultimately boosting their productivity and saving them time.”

Each model has been designed with the use environment in mind. All versions feature a QWERTY keyboard and large graphical display which includes print preview. This is available in color on PT-D610BTVP. The label printers are optimally designed for ease-of-use, fast typing and easy desktop handling.

The different models offer enhanced functionality and connectivity options, which provides the flexibility to simply ‘trade up’ depending on individual requirements without needing to change systems.

They can be used as standalone label printers or with computers. The accompanying free label editing software has a selection of ready-made templates for even easier label printing. In addition, the PT-D460BTVP & PT-D610BTVP models are Bluetooth enabled and can be used with Brother’s iPrint&Label App, meaning you can print ready-made templates anywhere using your smartphone.

All models are compatible with TZe tapes up to 18mm to create long lasting labels. The durability of these tapes is highly beneficial, especially in back office, warehouse and gym applications due to their resistance to chemicals, water and extreme temperatures. All three models are also quick and easy to use, while the PT-D460BT and PT-D610BTVP can print at a speed of 30mm/s, and PT- 610BTVP can print on wider tapes (up to 24mm).

All models will be available from our dealers.


This label printer comes with a QWERTY keyboard, a large graphical display to review text and layout before printing plus advanced design software. It can be connected via USB for PC printing and offers print speeds up to 20mm/sec. It prints labels up to 18mm in width. 


Same as PT-D410 plus:

Label storage for 70 labels for quick reprint of frequently used labels, Bluetooth connectivity and print speeds up to 30mm/sec. Comes with carry case. 


Same as PT-D460BTVP plus:

Full color, high-resolution back-lit display and label storage for 99 labels for quick reprint of frequently used labels. It prints labels up to 24mm in width.


PT-D range