Label printing for professionals


Shops, the food industry, the healthcare sector, and warehousing and logistics are the typical customers for Brother’s new family of professional TD-4 label printers. Four new models make it possible to integrate these small label printers into all IT systems. They are quick, user-friendly and practical and are ideal for everyday tasks.

Have you ever wondered what kind of machines produce receipts and vouchers in the retail trade? Or are used for marking products and boxes with text and barcodes for storage and transport? Or produce labels for the identification of medication and patient samples in pharmacies and hospitals?

It is highly likely that it is professional label printers from Brother that are carrying out such tasks. Brother has many years’ experience producing special label printers for business and the public sector. Printers that run smoothly for many hours a day, day after day, year after year.

The latest generation of these “workhorses” is Brother’s TD-4 family of products, and right now Brother is expanding the series by launching four new models. Anyone can work with direct thermal printing.

Thermal printing allows companies to print labels in large numbers and at low cost. The key feature is a thermal print head, working entirely without ink ribbon and ink.

Thermal printing is a process that uses colour crystals embedded in the label itself. These are activated by the heat from the print head when the label is printed. Each label can contain a variety of information, fonts, logos, symbols and barcodes. Individual words can also be highlighted.

Brother’s four new TD-4 models have been designed to maximise automation of printing functions. They make processes more simple and ensure a fast, flexible workflow.

The label printers can, for instance, sense the length and size of each label. That means that you only need to adjust the device once and it will remember the settings for years. The new TD-4 label printers are also modular, making it easy to service or replace individual parts, including consumables like paper rolls, etc.

Brother’s new TD-4410D, TD-4420DN, TD-4520DN and TD-4500DNWB print up to 8 ips (203 mm per second). The resolution is either 203 or 300 dpi. The label width can be between 19 and 118 mm, and a label can, in theory, be three metres long.

The difference between the various models is mainly one of speed and connectivity. This can be via USB or serial port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or wired LAN.

The new TD-4 printers can work with most printer languages on the market, including ZPL. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase optional extras, such as an automatic blade or a tear bar.


Can be used in many places

The typical applications for Brother’s new professional label printers are retail, the food industry, the healthcare sector, and within warehousing and logistics.

In hospitals, clinics, doctors’ surgeries and patients’ homes, there are strict requirements for identification and labelling of medication and samples. The same also applies to tracking of patient samples.

With their flexible printing options, Brother’s TD-4 models are, therefore, the obvious choice for appointment cards, inpatient labels, sample labels, laboratory labels, labels for microbiology or labelling dosing and medication bags.

Within warehousing, transport and logistics, Brother TD-4 printers are used for both shipping labels in standard formats and labels in customized sizes.

They are used, among other things, for labelling boxes, labels for marking pallets, quality control labels, shipping labels, location labels and labels containing statutory information.

Finally, it is in the retail trade and shops that most consumers will be familiar with labels on products. There it is important that the information on each label is legible, preferably with the logo and barcodes printed in high resolution so they can be scanned quickly and easily at the checkout.

Brother’s TD-4D printers can be used to print price labels, barcode labels, labels for pre-packaged food, labels for shelf fronts and special labels for sales, discounts or price reductions.


Further information

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