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Silent printers are tiptoeing into the office

Brother’s new series of LED printers have all the qualities that office users require. The L3000 models are flexible and fast, user friendly – and so silent that the sound can be drowned by regular conversation. They cost from DKK 1.399 exclusive of VAT.

What is more important when companies buy new printers for their offices? To be clear, we are not thinking about the large, heavy machines that are placed in separate, airconditioned rooms. No, we mean the printers that are working steadily at the office. For instance, in the departments of large organisations or in the heart of SMBs.

They must be reliable and fast, of course. As they may be exposed to very busy periods of time, where they will be printing documents by the hundreds for hours in a row.

The printers also need to be flexible and user friendly, so that they can work with both Wi-Fi and cable-based networks, as well as you need to be able to print via smartphones and tablets, preferably on both sides of the paper.

The printouts must be of high quality and with legible letters and numbers, whether the printout is monochrome or in colour. The LED technology guarantees that.

Of course, the financial side needs to be in order too, and therefore both purchase price as well as operating costs must be kept at a reasonable level, for instance with toners for thousands of sheets.

Finally, employees should be able to work near a printer without noticing it as it is drowned in the sound during regular conversation. Therefore, the users should not need to raise their voices, even if they are standing right next to the printer.

All these requirements and expectations are met – or exceeded -  by the new Brother L3000 family of LED based printers, and with 47 dB they are among the most silent in the market. In fact, that is 3 dB lower than what is considered a “Silent Office” in England.

A match for all – large and small

Brother’s new L3000 family has four members – two regular printers, an all-in-one printer and an all-in-one printer with fax. All units print in monochrome as well as colour.

This means that the L3000 series can provide a machine that matches any taste and budget as well as meeting the print requirements at most companies and public offices in Denmark.

In addition, Brother can supply the new LED printers along with an MPS solution. With a Managed Print Services solution, Brother will be monitoring operations and secure automatic delivery of consumables. You will never run out of ink or toner when you have an MPS solution, and many will find that ”Many Pennies are Saved”.

Strong qualities

All members of Brother’s L3000 family come with 250 sheet paper trays. The normal toners yield up to 1,000 pages, whereas large toners that yield up to 3,000 pages in monochrome and up to 2,000 pages in colour are also available. These will secure a significantly lower price per printed page.

The MFC model that comes with fax has an automatic document feeder for 50 sheets that makes it easy to work with large documents for scanning, photocopying and faxing. Furthermore, almost all L3000 models offer automatic double-sided print, which saves paper.

Depending on the model, the print speed is either 18 or 24 pages per minute. The bigger models are operated by means of a large 9,3 cm touchscreen, and two of them have integrated Near Field Communication (NFC). With NFC you only need to hold your NFC compatible smartphone close to the printer for a second, then the file will be printed directly from your mobile.

Prices and delivery

Brother’s new LED based L3000 family of printers and all-in-ones are available at Brother’s many dealers across the country.

The HL-L3210CW printer with wireless network costs DKK 1,399 exclusive of VAT (DKK 1,749 incl. VAT)

HL-L3270CDW has NFC and faster print. It costs DKK 1.899 exclusive of VAT (DKK 2,374 incl. VAT)

DCP-L3550CDW has a large 9,3 cm touchscreen and costs DKK 2,399 exclusive of VAT (DKK 2,999 incl. VAT)

MFC-L3750CDW is able to fax, prints 24 pages per minute, and costs DKK 2,899 exclusive of VAT (DKK 3,624 incl. VAT)

Further information

Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark), Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone (+45) 43 31 31 31, email henning.elkjaer@brother.dk or Bomberg PR/Pure PR, phone (+45) 22 67 25 27, email leif@bomberg.dk