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Brother dominates the A3 all-in-one printer market

More and more companies and individuals have spotted the advantage of having an All-in-One printer that can do more than scan, photocopy and print in A4. Documents, drawings etc. can also be printed on A3, in twice the size. More than 83 % of the A3 All-in-One printers sold in Denmark come from Brother.


Nine years ago, when Brother – as the first of the world’s largest printer manufacturers – started to produce printers with A3-printing for other buyers than professionals, quite a few may have shaken their heads at that venture.


Who among Brother’s traditional main segment of buyers – small and medium sized companies – could possibly need print that was larger than A4? Many of them had just made the transition from mono printers to color printers.


Sceptics got it all wrong. Brother’s A3 All-in-One printers have become bestsellers everywhere, and Brother dominates the market, even if several competitors since then have woken up and launched their own A3 printers for a wider audience than graphic designers, architects engineers and advertising agencies, who have used the A3 format for years.


However, no one like Brother has a wide assortment of printers and All-in-One printers that can work with the A3 format – usually as a supplement to A4-printing.


Denmark is one of the countries in Europa, where Brother sell the most A3 printers. Here Brother has a market share of no less than 83,4 %, according to the market research company DMR.no


Brother sold 382.154 A3 printers in Europe from January to December last year and secured a market share of 61 %*. The runner up just made it to a market share of 20 %.


” The Danes have welcomed our A3 printers. Especially the All-in-One printers with the option of A3 print. A great number of people have seen the light – and realized that it can be useful to be able to print documents larger than the A4 format. Perhaps not every day, but frequently,” explains Henning Elkjær, Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) of Brother Nordic A/S.


”We find that it is accountants, f. instance, that want to print large spreadsheets. Those are a lot easier to read when printed on A3 instead of A4 paper. It can be photographers and companies, that print brochures and folders in color. Actually, it applies to both the private and the public sector as well as private individuals. A3 is also an obvious choice for print of drawings and photographs you want to hang on the wall, ” Henning Elkjær continues.


Almost 10 years with A3 All-in-One printers

Brother MFC-6490CW was the world’s first All-in-One inkjet printer with A3 print and it was launched in 2008. Since then Brother has sold more than three million All-in-One printers with A3 printing in Europe alone.


The next milestone in Brother’s A3-development came in 2012, when the Business Inkjet-family was introduced. Brother’s smallest and fastest All-in-One printers with A3 printing that printed in landscape format.


Today Brother has the largest program of A3 All-in-One printers in the market. In different price ranges and with models that are 100 % optimized for A3 printing as well as smaller printers that can handle A3 occasionally, but mostly prints in A4.


What goes for all is that they are very robust and have a high level of reliability, for which Brother is well known. The printers also conserve energy, are eco-friendly and keep the operating cost on a minimum. Brother’s A3 All-in-One printers offer:

  • High print speeds of up to 22 ipm. First page out in 6 seconds.
  • Low cost per page with the option of using high capacity ink cartridges. They print up to 3,000 pagers in mono or 1,500 pages in colour.
  • Innovative print heads that increases the longevity from 60,000 to 100,000 pages. More robust paper trays that prevent paper jam.
  • Fast, user friendly and intuitive touchscreens
  • ADF with 50-page-capacity.


* Infosource data for Eastern and Western Europe, January-December 2016.


Further information

Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk or Bomberg PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk