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Fun on a rainy day with Creative Centre


Vacation time is just around the corner and everyone is looking forward to the long, sunny days and the warm weather. But we also know that the summer weather in Denmark can be tricky, and there will be chilly and rainy days, which inspire to indoor activities. And then what to do?

Brother Creative Center offers fun entertainment for the whole family, all available to download and print.

For children and the young at heart there is a wealth of different coloring pages to color in. There are also easy task pages to solve, for example, easy equations, exercises in how to tell time, mazes, flag pages for coloring in, games and various pages with loads of fun animals and other stuff to point at for the little ones. Older children who are dexterous, can also fold the exciting and beautiful paper craft available in different levels of difficulty. The latest are paper planes, that can be tested inside where it is nice and dry.

For adults, there are
Sudoku, Kakuros and Mandala-coloring pages. And for those who were born with a creative vein, there are various complex paper craft that require some skill to fold. Finally, there is the opportunity to design your own scrapbook with pictures from your holiday destination, so you can save your holiday memories in a fun and personal way.

Let Brother Creative Center help entertain you, if the weather acts up for a day or two. There is ample opportunity to let your imagination and creativity unfold. And it's all free of charge. – All you need to do is download and print.