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Find pretty Easter decorations on Brother Creative Center

Now that winter has loosened its grip and the days get longer and brighter, it is time to celebrate Easter!

Easter is associated with Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, good food and spending time with your family. However, sometimes it is not possible to see them all, and then a greeting card is in order, to forward warm wishes to those you will not see during the holidays. 

Holidays are days for relaxation and good food, and we gather around a well-set table to enjoy a festive meal with family and friends. It adds to the good atmosphere when the table is set with place cards, napkin holders and decorations. You can find them at BrotherCrative Center. There are Easter party packs and various Easter paper craft.

When the children have finished their meal and are ready to leave the table, you may be able to buy yourself some more quiet time by letting them do some colouring in. In Brother Creative Center you can find several fun Easter colouring in sheets.

All Easter templates are available on Brother Creative Center ready to download and print – free of charge.