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Brother launches new mobile printers for labels and receipts

The target group for the handy and very robust new printers is made up of a wide variety of professionals in different trades and industries. Brother has four models ready, starting at DKK 4.399 ex. VAT.

Most people associate printers with machines you keep on your desk at the office or at home – and which can print large volumes of paper on demand.

Others may think of printers as indispensable when needing copies of photos, drawings, brochures etc. in beautiful and natural colour print.

However, printers are also used in many other places – well everywhere, basically. You just don’t notice the spread of mobile printers in industry and commerce. With workers, service personnel, waiters, laboratory staff and chauffeurs, just to mention a few of the typical users of the small mobile printing units.

Brother manufactures all kinds of printers and all-in-one machines in various price ranges. Many of them have special functions such as printing of labels, receipts, invoices etc.

The four new printers in Brother’s RJ-2000 series are typical examples. They are small and mobile, print in 54 mm width (two inches), and they are extremely robust. Therefore, they are well suited for mobile tasks where the users need to print labels and receipts while on the go.

Small printes that withstand a bit of everything
The RJ-2000 printers are the smallest of the Brother’s selection of mobile Direct Termo models, so far. The letter ”R” stands for ”ruggedized”, which means robust, and that is to be taken quite literally.

The new Brother printers are for example IP54 approved to be water and dust resistant. They can take a fall of 2,5 meters. Bumps, dents, punches and minor collisions are no problem. RJ-2000 printers are strong and made to be used.

Brother’s RJ-2000 printers are the fastest in their class. Print speed is up to 152 mm (6 inches per second, and the print are black and white with a crisp and easily read text.

The models RJ-2030 and RJ-2050 are well suited for printing receipts and slips while RJ-2140 and RJ-2150 manage both labels and receipts. All four of them can be intergrated with mobile apps for iPhone or Android with Brother’s free Software Developers Kit (SDK). The printers are compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Brother RJ-2050, RJ-2140 and RJ-2150 can work wirelessly with Wi-Fi and Apple AirPrint™. RJ-2030, RJ-2050 and RJ-2150 also have Bluetooth while RJ-2050 and RJ-2150 are Apple MFI certified.

The new mobile printers from Brother are easy to operate with a few taps and a small LCD display shows what is going on. The printers come with a practical belt clip that makes it easy to carry it around.

The four small Brother printers weigh between 465 and 545 grams. They come with a Li-ion battery that can print up to 4.300 labels on one charging.
Prices and delivery
Brother’s new RJ-2000 series of mobile printers are ready at Brother’s many dealers around the country.
RJ-2030 costs DKK 4.399 ex VAT (DKK 5.499 incl.VAT)
RJ-2050 costs DKK 5.399 ex VAT(DKK 6.749 incl. VAT)
RJ-2140 goes for DKK 5.399 ex VAT (DKK 6.749 incl. VAT)
RJ-2150 goes for DKK 6.399 ex VAT (DKK 7.999 incl. VAT)

Further information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, phone (45) 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Bomberg PR, phone (45) 22 67 25 27, e-mail leif@bomberg.dk