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New label printer comes with its own keyboard

Brother PT-D800W prints labels three times faster than normal enabling office workers and craftsmen to produce labels far more efficiently. The new Brother PT-D800W costs DKK 2,999 ex VAT.

Managing and printing labels have suddenly become much faster and more elegant. Brother has launched its new PT-D800W label printer, and it sets new standards for labelling in the office, factory, workshop or the car of a busy craftsman.

Brother PT-800W is the first label printer on the market that comes with a full-size keyboard. That way you can print your labels and ID stickers more comfortably than on a regular label printer.

Normally, the keyboard is located in top of the PT-D800W, but it can be removed and placed on the table in front of the machine when printing labels. In addition, the keyboard features a backlit LCD display where you can check the design before printing the new labels.

The LCD display can also show the symbols, logos and images that you wish to print on your labels. They can be retrieved from the label printer’s own memory, from the computer via a USB cable or wireless Wi-Fi, or from an app on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Fast and widely

The PT-D800W is one of Brother’s so far fastest label printers, and it handles speeds of up to 60 mm per second.

Moreover, it prints on labels as wide as 36 mm. Images and text can be printed almost borderlessly, i.e. up to 32 mm.

As a new feature, the PT-D800W offers inverted print, i.e. reversed, resulting in text and background swapping colour, and the text becomes e.g. white on black instead of black on white.


For stationary and mobile use

Brother PT-D800W is a highly flexible label printer that can both be placed on a table or a shelf in the office – and taken on the go by a craftsman or a technician.

This new model has its own digital memory for storing e.g. templates and designs that you will need when you are at a customer, a construction site, etc.

As always, the Brother design is solid and reliable. The label printer is powered by an AC adapter or battery. (Li-ion battery is available separately).

The PT-D800W is a handy and lightweight label printer, and it has a built-in carrying handle.


Works with excellent apps

Brother offers several free apps for operating the PT-D800W via a smartphone or tablet

They contain hundreds of symbols used in a variety of sectors and industries. The printer can add time and date to the label, or print in numerical order, if beneficial or required.

One of Brother’s free apps is the Mobile Cable Label Tool, which is designed specifically for users working within electricity, data and telecom. The app uses an online service in the cloud from where you can download lots updated templates and electrical symbols.

Furthermore, the iPrint&Label app can be used for designing and printing labels from an iPhone/iPad or an Android device.

And finally, you can design your own customised labels on a PC or Mac


Tapes for all purposes

Brother TZe standard laminated tapes come in a wide variety of colour, styles and sizes. The text, symbols and logos are sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyester film) resulting in a virtually indestructible label that can withstand abrasion, fluids, extreme temperatures, chemicals and sunlight.

Moreover, Brother offers various special tapes such as heat shrink tubes, strong adhesive tape, flexible tape, security tape and fluorescent tape. In addition, tape is available for wrapping around e.g. power cables and data cables.


Prices and availability

Brother P-touch PT-D800W is available at Brother’s many dealers across the country.

The price is DKK 2,999 ex VAT or DKK 3,749 incl. VAT. Brother offers a three-year warranty on the machine.*


For more information, please contact
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
Leif Bomberg, Bomberg PR, phone 22 67 25 27, e-mail: leif@bomberg.dk.


*The extended warranty is subject to the machine being registered on our website under product registration within 60 days from date of purchase.