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Brother wins six design awards in Japan

Brother has - for the 24th consecutive time - won the much-coveted ”Good Design Awards”. Four of the award-winning machines are available on the Danish market.

If you like printers that not only deliver quality print, but also win awards, then maybe you should take a closer look at Brother’s products.

Brother has recently won six of the internationally recognized ”Good Design Awards 2016”, that are awarded by a jury of very particular experts in Japan.

Four of the six Brother products are available on the Danish market. They are the three mono laser printers Brother HL-L5100N, HL-L5200DW and HL-L6400DW as well as the label printer PT-D800W.

The Japanese judges are not only looking at the elegant exterior of the products but also consider other important parameters when deciding upon the market’s best designed new products.

The jury evaluates the products’ user-friendliness, eco-friendly construction and ability to present new ideas for society and end-users.

Brother is therefore considering ”Good Design Awards” as very special awards among the many that the company’s printers, scanners, label printers and all-in-one-machines have received all over the world.

Brother is the most eco-friendly printer manufacturer on the market and considers the environment in all aspects, from the design of the factories, over the choice of recyclable materials for products, to offering end-users the option of recycling old toners and ink cartridges.

Most Brother machines have the Nordic Swan eco-label and the German Blauer Engel certificate, which evaluate products using the same criteria as those applied by the Japanese jury of Good Design Awards 2016.

Brother won the first Good Design Award way back in 1960. Back then it was a sewing machine for home use that received the award.

Since then Brother has built up a nice collection of Good Design Awards. It adds up to no less than 196 awards received over the years – including the six newcomers of 2016.

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