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Too few companies keep track of their printing costs

Brother is engaging into a close cooperation with the Danish software development company Euro-Form, which has over 10 million printers on contract all over the world. This means that Brother’s dealers in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries are now able to offer their customers the advanced print management solution JetAdvice® from EuroForm.

Most companies – large and small – have a fair overview over their desktops, laptops and servers.

They are monitored by the companies’ IT employees or are handled via cloud services or external service providers.

But what about the printers?

How many companies can say that they know exactly how much every single printer is printing, how much of that print that is in colour and what the cost of ink and paper are? And if the printers are covering the exact needs of the workgroups in which they are placed?

In other words, if the printers are too big, too expensive or a perfect match to the work environment.

To help their many customers with this challenge Brother has now joined forces with EuroForm A/S, which is the world’s largest supplier of software for print management.

Today, EuroForm has more than 10 million printers on contract for JetAdvice® solutions all over the world. The company is represented virtually all over the globe.

Important to Brother
Brother wins more and more major customers these years. Therefore, it is important to have more than affordable printers and strong features on the program.

You also need to offer solutions that integrate the printer with the company’s other administrative systems and safety regulations.

Brother has a number of own solutions for Managed Print Services (MPS), but none of them are as versatile as JetAdvice® from EuroForm.

”Our own MPS software only works with Brother’s printers. EuroForm’s JetAdvice® works with all printer brands on the market,” explains Henning Elkjær, Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) for Brother Nordic A/S

”If we want to win major customers with many employees, we will usually find that the company has printers of various brands. By engaging in a new strengthened cooperation with EuroForm we can help the customers get an optimal solution,” Henning Elkjær continues.

With JetAdvice® a Brother dealer can gather data about the end-users’ printers via the ”cloud” – and make recommendations regarding the optimization of the end-users printer fleet based on that information.

For instance, if the company were printing a lot on a small printer, it would perhaps be profitable to buy a larger one or replace a color printer with a mono laser printer. Not all departments need to print in color.

At the same time, the Brother dealer will be advised – via JetAdvice® - about a customer-printer about to run out of ink or toner. That way the dealer has time to send new supplies before the printer runs out.

Brother will offer EuroForm’s JetAdvice® to select dealers and partners. For now EuroForm and Brother walks hand in hand in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

The world’s greatest
EuroForm has made it their specialty to help companies optimize their printer fleets and printer usage.

The company, based in Smørum near Copenhagen, was established in 1993. It is an independent software development company, that works across printer platforms.

EuroForm was among the very first to deliver cloud-based solutions, which give new possibilities for customers with offices located geographically far apart.

The ”cloud” has played a large part in giving JetAdvice® the growth that makes it the most widespread print management system for laser printers and all-in-one printers.

”Typical users of JetAdvice® are medium-sized and large companies with between 10 and 10.000 printers in their organization. JetAdvice® also works fine in smaller companies where Brother has a particularly strong market position,” explains CEO Kim Niebling from EuroForm A/S.

JetAdvice® can be integrated into the users’ ERP- and CRM systems and thereby become a natural element in the finance department’s surveillance of IT and operating costs. At the same time JetAdvice® can add vital information to analysis of the workflow in a company.

Futher information
Nordic Marketing Director & Sales Director (Denmark) Henning Elkjær, Brother Nordic A/S, Phone (+45) 43 31 31 31, e-mail henning.elkjaer@brother.dk
CEO Kim Niebling, EuroForm A/S, phone (+45) 2028 8338, email: kn@euroform.com