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Hold effective meetings with OmniJoin ™ - Brother’s new web conference system

Online meetings have become an essential tool when it comes to cooperation, communication and productivity across teams and location. Time has become a scarce resource, and companies save time and money by organizing online meetings - also known as web conferences.

Less travel
It limits travelling, as instead participants can sit at their own desks, in the nearest meeting room - or perhaps in a hotel room. As with the OmniJoin ™ app you can organize and participate in online meetings directly from their smartphone or tablet. All that is required is a stable 3G - optimized internet connection - and some peace and quiet.

OmniJoin ™ in brief:

• 8-50 users
• Advanced web portal for meeting planning
• Flexible host platform
• Supports phones and tablets
• Intelligent HD video and VoIP
• Sharing the screen and program
• File Transfer
• Cloud storage

Effective and productive meetings
OmniJoin ™ web conference has a simple, user-friendly interface with fewer interruptions on the screen and an efficient virtual meeting room. Participants will have access to the best web conferencing features in its class for secure online meetings in professional quality. With the simple, browser based interface, users can quickly connect to the meeting held and access to a wide range of functions that the host has selected in advance. Via the messaging tool, participants can also raise a hand to the host, without disturbing or interrupting the meeting, and it is possible to share documents, spreadsheets and white boards along the way.

Security is vital
During online meetings, sensitive documents are often shared, for instance financial results and customer information, and therefore OmniJoin ™ is Public Cloud encrypted, end-to-end, in order to improve security. All online meeting hosts need to be authenticated, and it is possible to introduce a meeting password for all participants. Meetings can also be recorded and stored in the cloud for later review. Or they can forwarded to participants who were unable to attend. Here it is also possible to archive the documents presented and discussed during the meeting.

Try OmniJoin ™ free for 30 days.

Free trial (30 days ) - up to 30 participants
OmniJoin Lite - 8 participants in total (8 video)
OmniJoin - 30 participants in total (12 on video)
OmniJoin Pro - 50 participants in total (20 on video)
OmniJoin Enterprise - number of participants depends on the selected version