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Decorate for the European Championship football party !

The European Football Championship is well underway, and in homes around the country, family and friends gather in front of the television to watch the many football matches and to cheer on their favorite teams. Maybe they are even having a party? In Brother’s Creative Center you can find a fun and entertaining party pack just right for the occasion – for free.

Right now, there are three new interactive paper figures available, which can contribute to a good football atmosphere: Two football players and a goalie - incl. a football goal. The players can kick with one foot, when you pull the head, and the goalkeeper can wave his arms. They can all be downloaded, printed and folded following detailed directions to Brother Creative Center, and will certainly contribute to the good atmosphere during the evening. If you like, you can add beards, eyebrows and glasses, or otherwise put your own mark on the figure, so, for example, similar to the host or one of the guests. It is all up to your imagination. Curious? Then click on the links below and see the characters in action

Football player 1
Football player 2


You can also find flag ornaments to hang in the living room, bottle decoration for your drinks, straw ornaments and snack boxes with football designs. All of them nice and colorful party items that can add a little bit of spice to the evening and the party. See the large selection here.

Enjoy the games!


Decorate for the European Championship football party