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Brother is ready with two new label printers for the office

P-touch PT-D600VP and PT-D450VP are the latest new generation of Brother label machines. Both devices offer a wealth of functions for a reasonable price. Brother’s label machines are bestsellers and gets high scores in customers’ satisfaction.

Brother might be most famous for its compact all-in-one printers and printers for the office.

Less wellknown is the fact that Brother is one of the big players in the world – also in Finland – when talking about label machines. Small printers which can be found in lots of offices and in many shops, where they work day after day printing out thousands of labels, barcode stickers etc.

According to a new analysis*, Brother’s label machine customers are very happy with their products. 94% of the current users are either satisfied or extremely satisfied. 92% will buy Brother again, next time they are looking for a new label machine.

The new label machine could for instance be Brother’s new P-touch PT-D600VP or PT-D450VP.

Lots of function and an easy handling
Brother P-touch PT-D600VP is an elegantly designed desktop label machine in black and grey. At the same time, it is extremely versatile and can help its users with a lot of different office tasks – from organizing folders and binders, over identifying and tracking the company’s office equipment to printing specialized barcode labels.

P-touch PT-D600VP offers features such as a large colour LCD display. With the display, it is easier to create and edit labels, as the users can benefit from a real ”what you see is what you get” picture of the label, that they are designing.

P-touch PT-D600VP has an easy and intuitive user interface with instructions that are clearly visible on the LCD display. All commonly used functions can be reached through shortcuts. On top of that, the printer has a keyboard which makes its easy to type texts for labels.

Less features and functions

In many ways, Brother PT-D450VP looks like its bigger Brother. However, it has fewer functions and a monochrome display.

Another difference is, that PT-D450VP is equipped with a manual knife compared to the automatic knife in the 600 model. Finally, Brother PT-D450VP can only work with tapes 18 mm wide.

Otherwise, the two label machines are basically identical with their modern design, easy use and robust construction.

Both label machines can either work independently or connect to a PC or a Mac using a USB cable. Both come with a nice case with power supply, tape and USB cable in it.

Brother-tapes for many purposes

Both PT-D600VP and PT-D450VP leverage Brother’s laminated and almost indestructable TZe-tape, which can be used for many different purposes – including outdoor applications.

PT-D600VP works with P-touch TZe-tape i six different widths up to 24 mm, where you can use texts in sizes up to 48 points. Practical for alert and refererence signings. PT-D450VP can use kan TZe-tape i fem widths up to 18 mm.

TZe-tape consists of six different layers who create a thin and robust label. The text is created by thermo transfer ink and is placed between two protective PET layers (polyester film). The result is a practically indestructible label that are resistant to liquids, extreme temperatures, attrition, chemicals and sunlight.

*Analysis by GfK in 2014 among 1.501 companies with label machines in Europe.

Prices and availability
Brother’s new P-touch PT-D600VP and PT-D450VP label machines can be purchased through Brother’s many dealers.

The typical price for PT-D600VP is DKK 1.249 incl. VAT. Brother PT-D450DP will be sold for DKK 999 incl. VAT.