Print From Mobile Devices with Extra Security

Brother’s two new PrintSmart Mobile solutions makes it possible to print safely from a smartphone, laptop or tablet even though you are far away from your desk. A new agreement with the distributor ITX shall enlighten smaller Danish companies’ eyes for the practical possibilities in mobile printing.


In the market, there is a demand for safe and simple print from mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets – Brother now fulfill this demand with its two new PrintSmart Mobile solutions. The solutions mainly aims at public places with many visitors, for example airports, conference centers, libraries and hotels as well as companies such as consulting companies, and other companies with moving staff.

Great Market Demand

75 per cent* of the companies have gotten requests from their employees for mobile printing.  

”We feel a great appetite in the market for a user-friendly solution that makes it easy to print from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. No matter whether it is a business man on a trip or private people standing at a library or at the airport and need a quick print,” explains Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjær from Brother Nordic A/S.

Brother and ITX Cooperates about the PrintSmart Solutions
Brother has entered into a cooperation with the distributor ITX from Tilst near Århus in order to make the PrintSmart solutions more known in the Danish market.

Brother and ITX have just completed their first PrintSmart campaigns targeting Danish companies. The reaction was overwhelming.

”Everybody cerries a tablet or a smartphone but often a problem occurs when they want to print documents from their mobile devices. For example, is it safe to print so no one else can read the content of the documents when they are being printed. And what do they do when they have a need for printing far away from their desks,” explains Senior Account Manager Jesper Seiersen from ITX.

Several office hotels, conference centers and hotels have asked for the Brother PrintSmart Mobile Zone whereas numerous lawyers, accountants and engineers have shown interest in the PrintSmart Mobile solution.

Two Solutions Covers it All

Brother offers PrintSmart Mobile in two editions:

PrintSmart Mobile Zone aims at public places with many visitors, for example hotels and airports. The Zone edition gives the guests easy and safe access to printing.

PrintSmart Mobile is a company solution that enables the employees to print safely.

Both solutions are easy to use and easy to manage by the IT Department because PrintSmart is fully cloud-based and does not require any special software for the mobile devices nor printers. Both editions of Brother PrintSmart Mobile offers printing from email, web uploads, PrintWhere drivers for Windows or apps for Android, Apple iOS and Blackberry.

*The numbers are taken from an IDC analysis, which was carried out for Brother in 2014. In total, 514 IT Managers and 993 end users were interviewed in the Nordic, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

Brother HL-8250n and HL-8350w