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Lithuania’s Police Cars Have a Brother on their Back Seat

Brother’s small PocketJet printers are popular at many mobile applications and at customers such as police, guard services, rescue companies and sales people on the road. In Lithuania, it is important that Brother’s printers work in even ice cold frost.


When talking printers, most people think of machines working indoor at companies or on a desk in people’s private home office. Far less are aware that printers can run at more exotic work places such as the backseat of a police vehicle.


Lithuania’s police is an excellent case where you can see a laptop and a mobile A4 printer from Brother working perfectly together. The printer makes daily routines easier and more flexible for the officers in the police cars, while traffic offenders on the other hand are far less enthusiastic.


In Lithuania, the police uses the Brother printers for primarily traffic fines. A job that used to be time consuming and cumbersome because tickets had to be written and issued manually.


From the trunk to the back seat

So far, Lithuania’s police force have 1.200 Brother PocketJet PJ-662 printers in use, and the number is growing month by month.


In earlier times, the police used to have big printers placed in the police cars’ trunk. A solution that was neither practical nor elegant.


These printers required that the police car had also toners and paper packages onboard. On top of that, the police officers did not love to step out of the car in heavy rain or snow in order to fetch a print in the trunk.


Today, Lithuania’s police has a small mobile Brother printer placed in the cabin within reach of the officers in the front seat. Usually, the printer is mounted at the central armrest of the back seat, but it can easily be moved forward if required.


Brother’s PJ-662 printers can use both USB cables or wireless Bluetooth in order to be connected to i.e. a laptop pc.


Works at all temperatures

According to Algidas Stoxitas, Deputy Police Commissioner General at the Lithuanian police at Vilnius, the introduction of mobile Brother printers has been a huge help for the officers in the police cars:


“Our work has become more efficient. We can now print important papers quickly, and we can print in all conditions including extreme weather. Moreover, we spend very little time on maintenance of the Brother printers,” Mr. Stoxitas says.


Brother’s PocketJets use a “thermal print” technology that does not care about the surrounding temperatures. They print excellently in both heavy frost and extreme sunshine.


Another advantage is, that Brother PocketJet printers do not need any ink cartridges or toners. The only thing, that the police officers must check regularly, are the integrated A4 paper rolls.


Brother has several mobile printers

Brother’s PocketJet family has five members, that can all print in A4 format in a good quality and at a reasonable speed.


Brother has built in a “thermal print” technology into its PocketJets. The printers work without any ink, cartridges and toners. The text and graphics is “burned” into the paper.


Lithuania’s police uses the Brother PocketJet PJ-662 model that has a maximum print speed of six A4 papers per minute. The print resolution is 200 dpi.


Brother PJ-662 comes with both USB cable and wireless Bluetooth and infrared Irda communications. This guarantees a high flexibility useful for many different applications.


Further information

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