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Brother receives gold medal for iconically designed label printers

For the third year in a row the international iF Design jury has honoured Brother with a coveted Gold Award. This time the experts fell in love with Brother's elegant TD-2000 series of labelling machines.


Brother has started a collection of international prizes, awards and distinctions for its products.


Recently, Brother received a Gold Award for its popular TD-2000 family of labelling machines, which the critical judges from the iF Design call "very iconic and with a great look."


The Gold Award is the highest recognition a manufacturer can achieve under the auspices of the iF Design. Only a small number of products come this far, and, thus, Brother has joined the fine company of LG's famous curved smartphone.


This year, 4,615 proposals from 55 countries contended for the prestigious iF Design Award, which is given out in Germany. Brother received six iF Awards and one of the rare Gold Awards.


Three models for the mobile era

The Brother TD-2000 family of labelling machines not only looks good. They are also exceptionally practical and easily operated, making them bestsellers in a number of countries, including Denmark.


The TD-2000 family consists of the three members, TD-2020 TD-2120N and TD-2130N, all of which are among the fastest labelling machines in their classes.


They are also among the most compact and lightest (1.34 kg), and they combine desktop and mobile printing in the same unit. The TD-2000 models with network card can work in wireless networks.


Brother has solutions for Windows™ systems with b-PAC Development Kit, which makes it possible to print labels from many Microsoft ® Windows™ applications simply by adding a few lines of programming codes. Finally, a free mobile development kit is available for integrating label and receipt print in mobile apps.


Labelling machines get high praise from design experts

The IF Design Judge Committee consists of 50 design and product specialists from around the world. The reason for appointing the Brother TD-2000 label printers for a Gold Award was stated by the judges as follows:


"The visual simplicity of Brothers label printers is fantastic, and the graphics are done very well. The fact that you can customize the printer's interface in a variety of different ways shows an all around successful product. The Brother TD-2000 label printers are very iconic products."


Brother Nordic A/S is naturally excited about the presentation of the coveted Gold Award from iF Design:


"In Denmark and the other Nordic countries good design is an important criterion in people's decision to buy products. I am sure that Brother's position as the manufacturer with the best designed labelling machines will have a positive impact on sales. Also because the jury of the iF Forum Design not only judges on appearance but also on product functionality and environmental compatibility," says Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer from Brother Nordic A/S.


Brother and iF Awards

iF Design Awards have been presented since 1953, and today they are considered some of the world 's most prestigious and sought after awards. The awards are given annually by the International Forum Design, which has its headquarters in Hannover, Germany.


Brother received its first iF Design Award in 1982 for an alphanumeric typewriter. Over the years, Brother has won 46 of these awards - including three Gold Awards. In addition to the TD-2000 series of label printers, Brother has received a Gold Award for its pioneering MFC- J4510 inkjet printer for both A4 and A3 paper.


For the 2014 competition the iF Design jury had to evaluate 4,615 products from 55 countries. The products cover a wide range of categories. 1,626 of the products - including six from Brother - received an "ordinary" iF Award. Only 75 were endowed with a Gold Award.


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Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk