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Brother wins coveted international awards

The world's leading test center for the printing and copying industry has given Brother's high speed HL-S7000DN printer a Pick Award along with words of praise. Among other things, Buyers Laboratory highlights that the Brother printer is exceptionally environmentally friendly, energy-saving and recycling friendly.


Brother printers are not only popular with users in both the professional sector and among those who use all-in-one printers in the home. Brother's products also get high praise from reviewers and from reputable testing laboratories around the world.


Most recently examples are two prestigious "Pick Awards" which Brother received from U.S. Buyers Laboratory.


Buyers Laboratory (BLI) is the world's leading independent provider of tests and other analytical information for the printing and copying industry. Twice a year, BLI selects the best hardware and software products tested by the lab.


BLI Awards are some of the hardest awards to win and are therefore much coveted. BLI exposes the products to heavy strain and rigorous tests for months before they get an upward or downward thumb from the test people.


Fast inkjet printer to the top

Brother's superfast workgroup printer HL-S7000DN has performed BLI tests with flying colors and has been nominated best product in the category of "Environmental Outstanding Achievement".


This is the second time the Brother HL-S7000DN get to the top with the critical test reviewers from Buyers Laboratory. Last year, the printer won the Innovation Award.


With speeds up to 100 ppm the Brother HL-S7000DN is one of the fastest inkjet printers on the market. The high speed is achieved by using a new type of print head which prints the entire width of the page at once.


In its justification for giving Brother the prestigious award BLI explains that the Brother HL-S7000DN is exceptionally energy-efficient and energy-saving. The printer is ideal for all businesses and offices where recycling and cleanliness are important.


Good reviews are important, but too few on environment

Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer from Brother Nordic A/S stresses that tests and reviews are very important for Brother.


"Serious test reports are good consumer information. Both for professional buyers in the business community and in the public sector. And for private consumers who may have difficulties choosing between different printers for the home network," says Henning Elkjaer.


In the course of a year Brother receives many reviews of its printer products. In Danish and international media. In this respect, however, Brother misses an important detail:


"Naturally, most test articles focus on technical performance, print quality and ease of use. Not many focus on the environmental aspect – whether the printer is saving power and ink, whether major parts of it can be and are being recycled, etc. In this respect, Brother is also one of the market leaders and, thus, has received strict environmental certificates like the Nordic Eco-label and the German Blue Angel," explains Henning Elkjaer.


Cloud solution gets innovation award

In addition to the environmental award for the HL-S7000DN printer, Brother has also received a Pick Award in the "Outstanding Achievement in Innovation " category for its Web Connect solution.


Web Connect enables direct integration with popular services in the cloud such as Facebook and Dropbox. Brother has built in Web Connect to number of its printers and scanners.


For more information please contact
Nordic Marketing Manager Henning Elkjaer, Brother Nordic A/S, phone 43 31 31 31, e-mail: henning.elkjaer@brother.dk