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Premium Resin Thermal Transfer Black Ink Ribbon BRP-1D300-060

The BRP-1D300-060 premium resin thermal transfer black ink ribbon, 300 metres in length and 60mm in width has been Certified by Brother International Europe.

This high capacity premium resin ribbon has been developed to meet your professional label printing needs. For use in retail, healthcare and logistics, you can use these 60mm wide ribbons for barcode printing and a variety of other applications.

Resin thermal transfer ribbons provide durable, high quality prints and are best suited to film-type material labels. The BRP-1D300-060 premium resin ribbons are used in conjunction with compatible label rolls in your thermal transfer label printer.

Key features

  • High capacity at 300 metres length per ribbon
  • 60mm in width
  • High quality thermal transfer ink ribbon
  • Ensure clear, durable results
  • Premium resin with black ink
  • Requires compatible label roll


The premium resin thermal transfer ribbon ensures professional, trouble-free printing on your compatible Brother label printer. With 300 metres per ribbon, this high capacity ribbon requires less changing, and ensures your Brother label printer works reliably for longer.

You can expect professional results from this 60mm wide ribbon when printing barcodes and text, for a range of industry applications. Manufactured to a high specification, the BRP-1D300-060 ribbon is compatible with specific Brother thermal transfer label printers.

By choosing a Certified by Brother International Europe premium resin thermal transfer ribbon, you’ll ensure that your machine continues to work at its best, providing you with results that are crystal clear and designed to last.

Compatible with

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