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Base Cabinet Unit for Brother Inkjet Printer

Large base cabinet (ZUNTMFCJ5900Z1) designed especially to accompany your MFC-J5930DW or MFC-J5945DW inkjet printer.

375,00 € Inc. VAT
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Enjoy additional storage space for consumables and make the most of the opportunity to place your printer wherever you want. Your printer will be at an accessible height, off desks, and you'll know exactly where your ink and paper are.
Suitable with Brother inkjet printers: MFC-J5930DW & MFC-J5945DW.

Key Features

  • Save space on your desktop
  • Ergonomically designed to raise your printer to the optimum height
  • Easy access to spare ink and paper
  • Place anywhere in the office


To ensure a smooth printing experience, it's important to keep daily printing necessities such as ink and paper within reach. The ZUNTMFCJ5900Z1 is designed to elevate your MFC-J5930DW or MFC-J5945DW to the optimal printing height and let you store consumables right underneath the machine. Additionally, with the lockable wheels, you can place the printer in the location most convenient to you and your colleagues.

Dimensions: (W x H x D): 528 x 700 x 375 mm.

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