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It only takes a minute to design crisp and colourful labels.

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Brother P-touch CUBE

Design labels directly from your smartphone/tablet with the free app Design&Print

You can design name tags for children's clothes with iron-on tape or you can print personalised messages on ribbons for gift wrapping and special occations.

It is very easy – just download the free app and print labels via Bluetooth. Or colect the P-touch CUBE brochure for more inspiration.

P-touch CUBE brochure


How can you use Brother P-touch CUBE?


Get your home organised

Keep your home organised with Brother P-touch CUBE. Whether it is labelling plastic containers for the refrigerator or the freezer, or labelling the boxes under the bed or the boxes for the children's toys, you can design durable labels for all purposes using Brother P-touch CUBE.

You can create labels for bottles  / spices / food containers / shoe boxes / toy boxes / etc.

  • Make it easy for the family to find their way around the kitchen. With up to 64 labels in various types, sizes and widths it is easy to divide tings into categories.
  • Make it easy for the children to find their toys. With 1070 symbols and emojis it is easy to illustrate what toy that goes in which box.
  • Make it easy for everybody to keep organised, in the house as well as outside in the garden. TZe-labels are tested to the extreme and can resist even the most hostile weather conditions.


Make it more personal

Now you can add a personal touch to your events. The Brother P-touch CUBE label printer enables you to print text on satin ribbons to give the presents, the place cards or the goodie bags that extra bit of WOW-effect.

  • Make the children's birthday parties more fun. Now alle the children can have their names on their bags of sweets with labels in various colours and patterns.
  • Make the gift more personal. Now you can wrap your gifts with satin ribbons with your own personalised text. Choose between five colours.
  • Make the table more inviting. Now you can personalise your place cards to match the guests and make the buffet more inviting with labels that symbolise the various dishes.



No more loosing things

Put a label on all the children's things, both those for school og those for kindergarten. With Brother P-touch CUBE you can print on iron-on tape and iron it into their clothes or print colourful and fun labels for the children's lunch boxes or pencil cases.

  • Make it easier to identify your children's clothes. Iron in a name tag to make sure that you get it all back home again.
  • Make it easier to find things. No more remembering which lunch box or drinking bottle your child brought to school. Put a label on it and it is clear to all which is which.
  • Make it safer to bring electronics to school. Whose calculator is it? Is it his or her adapter? Is that tablet yours or mine? Now you need not worry about getting the expensive electronics home again. Just label it and everybody knows who it belongs to.


Get the office organised and make it safe

No more mess at the office. Your desk and shelves can easily be organised so you need not spend time looking for things. You can print labels for shelves with the Brother P-touch CUBE so that you always know where to find your documents, or for your USB stick so you know what they contain.

  • Make it easier to organise your folders. Now it is quick and easy to print labels in various colours and sizes to match your folders perfectly.
  • Make the processing time shorter. All it takes are labels in various colours and sizes to make a better overview and enable you to optimize your customer service.
  • Secure your work. No more USB sticks lying about without anyone knowing what is on them. With a label on its' side it is easy to identify its content and where is should be placed.