Congratulations on your new Brother Printer

If you have purchased your printer from 1 April – 31 October 2018 you will get a FREE subscription to One Q – secure print. This subscription ensures that your new printer follows the new GDPR legislation with a cloud solution that gives you more possibilities compared to the GDPR solution that is a standard feature in your new printer.

All you need to do is to fill in the registration form to the right. Once this is done, you will receive information from One Q regarding the setup of the solution. Also, to get your extended warranty, please remember to register you printer here.

What security level does you company need? Read in this leaflet how the Brother printer and One Q solution complies with the legislation.


What is One Q?

One Q is a Danish developed software that allows you to print securely from any printer to One Q’s cloud based server. The print job will be securely placed in a queue until you reach your Brother printer*, and identify yourself with your card or by using a PIN code.

On the printer’s display, you will see a list of all your print jobs and easily chose which jobs to print or delete.

In One Q’s control panel you are able to define rules and procedures for employees and their printing. For example:

  • Which documents should be printed in colors or mono
  • Who has access to which printers etc.

As a security control or for your accounting purposes you will furthermore have access to see who has printed what and when.

Read more about One Q’s secure print solution on their website.

*The solution can easily be extended to include all you printers and thus give you a follow-me solution.


How to get started?

There is no need for you to set up a server to handle this solution. Everything is securely handled in One Q’s cloud based data center. The only thing you need is a secure connection.

Just fill in the registration form to the right and you are ready to go

See which printers come with which subscription:

Brother reserves the right to view the invoice on the machine.

The promotion applies to Nordic machines only, and the subscription must be activated by 30. November 2018.

Necessary prerequisites for using the One Q solution:

The printers must be securely connected to the server in the cloud and the solution requires the following network structure:

  • An external fixed IP address
  • A VPN router that can connect to the server in the cloud

The registration form includes a field in which name and email to the companies network adminidtrator must be filled in as the setting up the VPN connection requires some technical knowledge. You must also specify all the printers you want the solution to support.

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